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Flag Quiz - Answers

Here are the answers to my flag quiz

1.   Which one of these flags does NOT have any red, white or blue in it?



2.   This flag has a bunch of bananas on it.  Which country does it belong to?



3.   Which is the only country to have a square-shaped flag?



4.   What is the nickname for the flag of the United Kingdom?

Union Jack


5.   How many stars are there on the flag of the United States of America?



6.   Denmark has the oldest flag which is still in use today.  When was it first used by Denmark?



7.   The flags of Cyprus and Kosovo both have what on them?

A silhouette shape of the country


8.   Which mythical creature is on the flag of Bhutan?



9.   What is the name for a person that studies flags?

A Vexillologist


10.  This is the flag of which Australian island territory?

Christmas island

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