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Advanced Quiz - Answers

Here are the answers to my advanced quiz

1.   Which instrument does a pilot use to read the Indicated Air Speed?

Air Speed Indicator

2.   An altimeter tells a pilot what?

The altitude of the plane


3.   What is drag in aviation terms?

The force created by disturbed air and friction that slows a plane


4.   Who was the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic?

Charles Lindbergh


5.   The ailerons control what?



6.   The rudder pedals are used to control what?



7.   In aviation, altitude is measured in?



8.   How cold is the air outside an aircraft at 35,000 feet?

-55 degrees Celsius / -67 degrees Fahrenheit

The temperature at sea level is assumed to be +15 degrees Celsius and is assumed to drop by 2 degrees per thousand feet of altitude.


15 (sea level temperature) - 35 (altitude in thousands of feet) x 2 (temperature drop per thousand feet) = -55 degrees


9.   Altitude is given with reference to height above what?

Mean Sea Level


10.  Most commercial aircraft fly in which speed window?


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