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I am very excited to announce the launch of my debut novel, Stranded.

I was inspired to write the book by the interest of my daughter - wannabe Captain Talitha - in all things aviation.

I have drawn heavily on the specialist knowledge of my husband, a commercial pilot and training captain at a large well-known airline. 

A portion of the proceeds of Stranded will be given to charities that encourage young people to enter the field of aviation.

Find out what it's like to be a pilot on Captain Richard's page and how it feels to be the child of a pilot on Captain Talitha's page. 

Check out our fun flying facts , flag facts and our aviation explained pages.

“All buckled in?” Jim asked.  I gave him a thumbs-up.  “All set down the back?” he called, lifting his headset so he could hear the chorus of positive replies from Luke and the Fallon children.  “Good,” he nodded then started the huge radial engine – a loud whir at first, the propellers beginning to turn slowly, then a roar as all nine cylinders fired.  The propeller was rotating fully now, vibrations were running through the plane, the draft buffeting it slightly.  Exhaust plumes wafted past the cockpit window, it was fabulous.

Great if you like a good adventure story. Even better if you have an interest in aviation.

Alex (11 years)


Flight of the Phoenix for kids - and adults! Technical and believable, a great story.

Johnathon (Grown Up)


Brilliant. A really good story that I also learned something from.

Talitha (11 Years)

The author really did their homework on this one making for a technically rich background to a thrilling story. I am going to encourage my grandchildren to read this as the young adults who are the heroes in this book are wonderful role models. A fun, gripping read. L Paul (retired commercial pilot)

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